Non-destructive Evaluation of Ceramics Using System Identification

Period of Performance: 02/21/1991 - 02/21/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Advanced Technology & Research Corp.
6650 Eli Whitney Drive, Suite 400
Columbia, MD 21046
Principal Investigator


The overall technical objective of Phase II is to perform the engineering development of non-destructive testing of ceramics. Phase I studies indicated the feasibility of these developments, provided the implementation of more sophisticated experimental haTdware including specimen fixture, excitation device, pick-up device, and data acquisition system. The culmination of the effort would be a proven technique utilyzing the Randomdec process that could accurately describe the state of degradation present in a ceramic specimen. The end item would be the development of an in-situ monitoring system. Assuming that we are successful in measuring damping, natural frequencies and system parameters of structures in the laboratory, it would be very desirable to have a compact system which could be hand carried to the field or installed in a pre-existing assembly line. It is proposed to investigate the possibility of developing an Random Decrement System Identification measurement unit with the capability of processing the dynamic response data from the transducer to obtain the free vibration signature and hence the modal parameters. The design goal for the monitoring system is that it should be man-portable and easy to use by individuals not intimately familiar with the Randomdec technique.