Development of the VISIONMAN System

Period of Performance: 09/28/1993 - 09/30/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Technology Systems, Inc.
14 Maine St, Suite 306
Brunswick, ME 04011
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Development of a system and architecture targeted specifically for Head Mounted Displays and a personal synthetic environment (virtual world) interface is proposed. This new architecture, the traditional problems associated with HMDs. Further development of this capability under Phase II will enable users to gain access to Synthetic Environments (Virtual Realities) at low cost, free users from the hysical requirement to be co-located with a fixed base Image Generator, and enable users to gain access to multiple environments and applications with a single user-portable display interface. The overall Phase II objective is to develop VISIONMAN to a fully operational level. Phase II objectives can be broken down into two general areas. The first constitutes the core tasks of the effort, which are creation of the CIG hardware, along with final development and integration of the CIG, Sensors, Power, and Server. The second constitute options which go beyond the initial Phase II core effort. These include development and integration of sensor technologies, development of mass storage options, and replication and/or extension of the core Phase II product to support emerging DARPA and DOD technologies and requirements. No similar system exists today. The creation of this capability will enable significant advances in training, visualization, user interfaces, and related research and development. ANTICIPATED BENEFITS: This effort will have short-term benefits in that it will provide a low-cost, revolutionary system for gaining access to the Virtual Battlefield. The effort will have long-term impact resulting from the paradigm shift enabled by the new system architecutre, and its execution using an open system, standards based approach.