Transition and Connectivity Between Electronic Combat Digital Models and Hybrid Simulation of EO Sensors

Period of Performance: 02/28/1991 - 05/28/1993


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Macaulay-brown, Inc.
3915 Germany Lane
Dayton, OH 45431
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The purpose of this program is to develop Electronic Combat (EC) Simulation Technology for Infrared Sensors in a Multiprocessor Environment for the EC Simulation Research Laboratory (ECSRL) and, in particular, for the Integrated Defensive Avionics Laboratory (IDAL). A better near-term hybrid infrared sensor simulation capability is sought that would operate in a real-time man-in-the-loop multithreat environment that would support combined countermeasures, simulated engagements, and real-time fusion bus traffic, which would be useful for proving advanced avionics integrated architectures. The results of the program will be a real-time connnection of the actual AAR-44 software to missile and aircraft trajectory models, the real-time avionics bus, and the real-time display. These connections will be made with existing high speed microprocessors over a multiprpocessor VME bus. The TRAP and ESAMS models would be run as coprocessors that are controlled by an event scheduler like SUPPRESSOR and the AAR-44 software. In order to take advantage of the high resolution IR system highly fidelity missile trajectory measurements, high fidelity models will be used for accurate mid-course trajectory information needed for colision course prediction and ECM effects monitoring on the perturbed trajectory.