High Speed Light Weight Omnidirectional Vehicle with Enhanced Manipulator Control

Period of Performance: 11/21/2006 - 08/30/2007


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
990 North 8000 West
Petersboro, UT 84325
Principal Investigator


There is an urgent need for a man-transportable EOD robot which can quickly traverse the distance between its operator and the suspected UXO, perform manipulation tasks requiring high dexterity, and then quickly return. This proposal describes an innovative solution to this need called Taz . Taz will weigh 40 kg, be capable of 40 kph for up to 8 hours, and will offer high dexterity manipulation by including a fully omni-directional base with a 3 DOF manipulator. Sophisticated control software will make coordination of the base and arm movement transparent to the user; the user will be able to specify the 6 DOF motion of the gripper, and the base and arm will automatically comply to realize the command. Innovative design features beside the control will include the use of different drive motors on separate drive wheels to provide both low and high speeds while saving weight and the use of recent developments in power technology to provide high speeds, weight savings, and long durations of use. Autonomous Solutions has a history of building innovative robotic vehicles, many of which have had omni-directional capability. ASI has also been recently pursuing low-cost, high-capacity, accurate robot arms with sophisticated control for EOD applications.