Ultrafast infrared chemical nano-scope: Femtosecond spatio-temporal nanoimaging and spectroscopy

Period of Performance: 02/21/2017 - 10/20/2017


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

Anasys Instruments Corporation
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Principal Investigator

Research Institution

University of Colorado Boulder
572 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309
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Anasys Instruments in collaboration with Markus Raschke (University of Colorado, Boulder) propose to jointly develop a new ultrafast infrared and optical scanning probe nano-scope, based on scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (s-SNOM), that provides both spatio-spectral and spatio-temporal nano-imaging. Nanoscale heterogeneity defines properties and performance in many functional materials systems, involving complex charge, ion, and interfacial interactions and energy tran sfer. It has long been a problem of both fundamental and practical interest to probe these interactions on their natural time and length scales. The combination of s-SNOM and ultra-fast laser spectroscopy techniques has opened the window to measurements on nanometer length scales and fs time scale, but successful implementations of this combination exist only in very few specialized laboratories around the world. However, key limitations in commercially available ultrafast IR lasers, tip material design, and signal detection prevent a broader proliferation of ultrafast IR nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy. This SBIR project proposes to overcome the current barriers to develop a tabletop instrument will that make possible ultrafast IR nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy with unprecedented few nanometer spatial resolution and