Spectre: a UQ tool for the management, execution, and exploration of large-scale non-deterministic engineering CFD simulations

Period of Performance: 04/10/2017 - 04/09/2019


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

JMSI, Inc. dba Intelligent Light
301 RT. 17 North 7th Floor Array
Rutherford, NJ 07070
Firm POC
Principal Investigator


Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) allows engineers to perform predictive simulations and make informed decision about the performance of complex engineered systems such as the next generation transport aircraft and fuel-efficient automobile engines. JMSI proposes to build a software system around Dakota, software developed at Sandia National Laboratories for UQ based studies. JMSI’s 30 year experience in building engineering software used extensively by Lockheed, Boeing and the DoD ensures successful transfer of DOE research into the private sector.