Fabrication of Ultra-Long Carbon Nanotubes through Segregated-Flow Chemical Vapor Deposition

Period of Performance: 06/08/2016 - 12/07/2017


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Mainstream Engineering Corporation
200 Yellow Place Array
Rockledge, FL 32955
Firm POC
Principal Investigator


Mainstream Engineering proposes a method for the synthesis of ultra-long carbon nanotubes (ULCNTS) using an altered chemical vapor deposition process. Many CNT based technologies have diminished properties due to a density of CNT-CNT junctions. Current CNT production techniques are limited in either CNT length or scalability. Development of a scalable method for production of ULCNTs based on Mainstreams proprietary technique will allow for their integration into current CNT based application and open a range of new applications in wiring, composites, and thermal control. In Phase I, Mainstream demonstrated the novel reactor design and its potential to fabricate ULCTNs. In the proposed Phase II, Mainstream seeks to further their understanding of the reactor conditions and catalyst/substrate interactions in order to extend the ultimate length of the fabricated ULCNTs. Mainstreams past experience in CNT synthesis for composites and electrical storage makes them uniquely suited to developing the ULCNT synthesis method.