Robust SiC MOSFET based Power Modules

Period of Performance: 07/11/2016 - 05/10/2017


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Genesic Semiconductor, Inc.
43670 Trade Center Place Suite 155
Dulles, VA 20166
Firm POC
Principal Investigator


This two-phase SBIR program will develop fully-qualified 6500 V/100 A SiC MOSFET based dual-half bridge power modules, targeted for insertion into the next-generation of U.S. NAVY all-electric warships. The proposed SiC MOSFETs will feature breakdown voltages > 6500 V, specific on-resistance < 35 m-cm2, threshold voltage > 2 V, 175C operation, and transition times < 100 ns. The device robustness will be quantified with avalanche energy > 5 J per chip, and short-circuit withstand times > 10 s.Phase I of the program will focus on the device development tasks. This will include optimized epilayer and device design, fabrication and on-wafer characterization. High-temperature and switching characterization will be conducted during the Phase I Option period. A technical feasibility study on the design of the medium-voltage power module is also targeted for the Phase I Option period. ABB Inc. has expressed strong interest in partnering with GeneSiC with their open-standard LinPak platform, which is specifically designed for low-inductance medium-voltage SiC phase-leg modules.Building on the Phase I results, the Phase II program will deliver a fully-qualified 6500 V/100 A dual-half bridge power module to the NAVY program manager, and demonstrate operation at the requisite voltages, currents and junction temperatures.