In-Field Repair Procedure for Fiber-Reinforced Composite Structures

Period of Performance: 09/22/2016 - 02/21/2017


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Custom Technologies LLC
536 Cleveland Road Array
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
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Principal Investigator


Current in-field repair of composite structures is challenging and current methods yield less than desirable results. The repairs are either bolted or bonded doublers removing the asset from service. If the goal is to restore damaged structure to full strength then an assessment, analysis and a highly skilled repair effort is required that is not available in deployed conditions. Liquid resins are portable and readily applied in harsh conditions, but aspects of this type of repair make it impractical for the warfighter. The resin requires measuring, mixing and application that may not be a common skill as it involves precise measuring techniques to assure full cure and mechanical properties of the resin matrix. Custom Technologies LLC will develop a repair method that utilize equipment currently issued to Army Soldiers and still achieve the desired performance goals of a structural composite repair required by the Army. Our work will develop a system that provides a reasonable repair methodology for the warfighter, guidance on storage and handling, surface preparation and application, with no HAZMAT waste to handle at the conclusion of the repair. The repair system will be packaged as kits and can be deployed by a distribution network already in place.