Affordable Lightweight wireless ROV for sustained observation of benthic ecosystems

Period of Performance: 06/12/2016 - 12/15/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

C-2 Innovations, Inc.
102 Peabody Dr Array
Stow, MA 01775
Firm POC, Principal Investigator


The Mobile Observation Platform ((MOP) will leverage the Bottom Crawler (BC) Sea Otter system that C-2ih as developed and tested in very similar environments and operational conditions. Capable of 300-ft depths and 10 mile autonomous transits across mixed environments including soft ground and heavy surf, the Sea Otter will be able to act as realistic surrogate for the MOP and allow C-2i to focus on the wireless control, video and energy sustainability. C-2i has already performed RF propagation tests across water with low height antenna for control data and it will extend the results to video image transfer. Two sustainability solutions have been developed which will be tested on the existing vehicle. A buoy design incorporating the power, transceivers and antenna will be constructed and tested on the Sea Otter surrogate for stability in high energy conditions.