Modular Intelligent Sampling System (ISS) for IMS Technology

Period of Performance: 08/11/1992 - 08/31/1994


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Tr&b Joint Venture
27 Glen Alpine Road
Phoenix, MD 21131
Principal Investigator


This is a revised Phase II proposal that is submitted at the request of Mr. Ernest D. Henry, Contracting Officer, Procurement Directorate, CRDEC, and incorporates the suggestions of his letter of 24 Sept 91, and by Mr. Hinkle, Technical Industrial Liaison Office, CRDEC, at a meeting on 30 Oct 91. A revised Cost Proposal and Follow-On funding commitment are enclosed. A panel of scientific experts in IMS have identified several near-term improvements to IMS technology. These improvements will increase the effectiveness of IMS in existing military use and significantly expand the number of applications now possible for IMS technology. The Phase II proposal is focused on the development of new IMS capability. The proposed effort will include the design, development, construction, test, evaluation, and delivery of two model ISS, for evaluation at CRDEC.