RF Crosslink for Relative Navigation and Time/Frequency Distribution

Period of Performance: 06/10/2016 - 12/09/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

M42 Technologies LLC
8043 Ashworth Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
Firm POC, Principal Investigator


M42 Technologies proposes to develop a RF based crosslink with relative navigation and time transfer capabilities to enable autonomous precision formation flying (PFF) of spacecraft as small as nanosatellites (1 to 10 kg). The solution consists of a multi-channel software defined radio (SDR), small aperture antenna and innovative signaling and processing to enable CubeSat scaled spacecraft to measure positions with millimeter-level precision positioning thereby providing new capabilities such as autonomous rendezvous and docking (AR&D), and precision formation flying (PFF) both for human and robotic exploration missions. To improve navigation, the system also distributes time and frequency to enable cooperative and collaborative space science missions.