Multidisciplinary Integrated Data Management Tool For Industry Applications

Period of Performance: 06/13/2016 - 12/12/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

FPoliSolutions LLC
450 William Pitt Way Array
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Firm POC, Principal Investigator


FPoliSolutions, LLC (FPS) proposes to develop and commercialize an integrated data and simulation management framework. FPS would build from the current RAVEN technology developed by INL for the purposes of commercializing an integrated data and simulation management framework for design optimization studies. RAVEN is essentially a workflow engine with the capability to drive simulators and model complex systems. The engine contains a variety of libraries designed to perform parametric and stochastic analysis based on the response of complex system codes. In its current implementation, RAVEN relies on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to manage any code, provided parameters that need to be manipulated are accessible by input files or via Python interfaces. The extensible RAVEN framework provides the capability to add simulators, store and retrieve data in a common HDF5 database file. Commercial applications of the RAVEN framework will bridge the gap between the National Lab high fidelity simulation codes and current production software applications in use in the nuclear industry today. The RAVEN framework will simplify the transition and facilitate roll out of new simulators while increasing plan operators abilities to make informed decisions with high confidence. FPS’s approach for commercial deployment for RAVEN will be to develop a customer database that will link RAVEN via a SOA framework. The SOA framework will make service calls between the customer database and the Linux RAVEN side simulator framework. RAVENs existing API structure makes it a perfect candidate for this type of application. For Phase I, FPS intends to assess the capabilities of the RAVEN framework as is, perform a gap analysis, define specific quality attributes, create high level functional requirements, propose SOA documentation for an advanced user interface, and identify key commercial applications FPOLISOLUTIONS LLC to be fully pursued for a successful RAVEN commercialization (including training needs and planning) in Phase II. A few simple, demonstrative applications and prototypes can be developed in Phase I if time and budget allows, otherwise these activities will be part of Phase II. One immediate application offering could be automating or streamline core reload analysis for operating Nuclear Power Plants. Such capability can be used by utilities to optimize core management strategies and support integration and decisions between fuel vendors and licensees. Priority will be given to creating a user-friendly general-purpose interface and service oriented architecture (SOA) which will ensure easy extendibility, modifiability, and scalability to other industries. The ultimate vision is to implement the RAVEN software framework as the backbone for complex simulation, design/margin optimization, and simulation uncertainty quantification across multiple industries. In order for this vision to be realized we need to understand RAVEN, its strengths, limitations, and methods for adding simulators to the RAVEN framework. The Phase I work plan is structured around understanding the as built RAVEN system, creating a system architecture, gathering use cases for the new system to be deployed, identifying simulators to be coupled (i.e. core physics simulator), designing an ideal system architecture including new simulators, create a wireframe of the system, software requirements specification for upgrades, and validation with limited prototyping. KEYWORDS: Data Management, Simulation, Modeling, Multiphysics