Enhanced Analysis for Pulsed Voltammetry Evaluation Tool

Period of Performance: 12/22/2015 - 06/21/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Giner, Inc.
89 Rumford Avenue Array
Newton, MA 02466
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Principal Investigator


Pulsed voltammetry is a characterization tool for electrochemical systems that has been around for many decades. Unlike the more commonly used cyclic voltammetry techniques, the additional degrees of freedom intrinsic to pulsed voltammetry techniques permit the decoupling of reaction kinetics from diffusion, and allow for the precise measurement of a range of reaction parameters, including the half-wave potential, rate constant, charge transfer coefficient, and reactant diffusion coefficients. However, these additional degrees of freedom add complexity to the experiments, and have proved to be a significant barrier to the widespread adoption of these techniques. This proposal seeks to develop a toolkit to permit a user to rapidly and easily employ pulsed voltammetry techniques to extract as much information as possible from a system with minimal user input. Ultimately, the tool being developed here will iteratively tune a series of voltammograms to obtain an optimally precise measurement of the system under test. In Phase I, fitting routines and statistical analysis of a single series of square wave voltammograms will be investigated, and then iterative design of experiment algorithms will be developed in Phase II for application to real world systems in Phase III.