DDS Enabled Mission Data Recording and Reconstruction for Surface Combatants

Period of Performance: 02/26/2016 - 02/26/2018


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Real-time Innovations
232 East Java Drive Array
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
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Principal Investigator


The objective of this Phase II effort is to develop a platform for recording and reconstructing operational data in Navy surface combatants. This will be a unified, open, modular, comprehensive recording platform capable of recording quantitative and qualitative data in a distributed system along with tools for real-time data analysis, transformation, storage and reconstruction/replay all within the same open unified platform. It will build on the core recording, persistence, and replay technology developed during Phase I. It will also incorporate the standard Data Distribution Service (DDS) messaging technology in use on Navy networks. Phase II will culminate on a product that can be used to provide data recording, replay, and analytics in a wide variety of industries. Extensive product testing and integration work in preparation for transition to operational systems is planned during the Phase II period.