Low Cost Information Assured Passive and Active Embedded Processing

Period of Performance: 03/07/2016 - 08/31/2017


Phase 2 SBIR

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RDA Inc.
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Doylestown, PA 18901
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U.S. Navy ASW aircraft deploy sonobuoys across a mission field. The aircraft must then stay on-station for the duration of the mission to monitor, command, and receive data from the deployed sonobuoys. This requires a clear and uninterrupted channel of communications during all command downlink and data uplink transfers. The sonobuoy RF link is susceptible to interference, jamming, and eavesdropping. The new SG-90 link provides error correction for bit errors, but the link provides no IA-compliance; consequently, a hostile entity can intercept the sonobuoy data uplink transmissions. The UHF command downlink is similarly unprotected. The U.S. Navy has expressed the need for an Information Assurance / Anti-Tampering advanced signal processing capability to be built into its suite of Anti-Submarine Warfare sonobuoys and supporting air platforms. In addition, intelligent power management must be added to extend sonobuoy operating life to support data interrogation by the air platform for up to 72 hours following deployment. The purpose of this SBIR is to introduce IA/AT technology into existing sonobuoy designs that will secure the RF telemetry and command downlink, obscure and protect the sonobuoys processing parameters and capability, and improve mission capability and sonobuoy life by performing signal processing within the sonobuoy itself.