Adaptive and Automated Network Management Framework for Inverse Mission Planning over Aerial Communications

Period of Performance: 08/07/2015 - 08/07/2017


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Intelligent Automation, Inc.
15400 Calhoun Dr, Suite 190
Rockville, MD 20855
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ABSTRACT:Intelligent Automation, Inc. proposes to develop and implement inverse planning capabilities for aerial communications at two complementary levels in IMPACT (Inverse Mission Planning of Aerial Communications Technologies) system: 1) Force-level planning software module and 2) Communication subscriber planning software with radio app. Force-level planning software module will optimally select/design the best orbit for dedicated airborne relays/gateways, with a focus on Battlefield Airborne Communication Node (BACN) system, to increase mission success by optimizing network performance given different orbit constraints and communication requirements. Communication subscriber planning software with radio app will run on individual communications subscribers radios and provide them with situational awareness by optimizing transmission decisions to maximize the subscriber-BACN communication performance. Force-level planning will be interfaced with tactical mission planning software and subscriber planning will be ported to tactical radio platforms.BENEFIT:The proposed effort has tremendous potential in military and commercial planning, networking and radio technologies. Intelligent Automation, Inc. will pursue commercializing IMPACT technologies as force-level planner software module and subscriber planner software with radio app. They are complementary technologies, the first one for mission planning at global level for the entire mission and the second one for individual mission planning specialized to a communication subscriber. Force-level planner software module aims to improve mission success with advanced mission rehearsal capabilities and its commercial applications include first-response, emergency and border patrol communications, and deployment planning for sensor networks and orbit planning for miniaturized satellites. Subscriber planner software with radio app provides communication subscribers with situational awareness in terms of optimal transmission decisions and its commercial applications include the predictive capability within subscriber to allow cellular users to anticipate handoff needs, and thereby prevent drop-offs.