Automated Audio Clustering

Period of Performance: 09/16/2015 - 06/16/2016


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Voci Technologies Incorporated
P.O. Box 55
Allison Park, PA 15101
Principal Investigator


Voci Technologies Incorporated (Voci?) is the leading small business developing accelerated Human Language Technology based solutions. In Phase I of this SBIR, Voci demonstrated the feasibility of automatically clustering audio with useful false-positive and false-negative rates. In Phase II, Voci is is partnering with Vickers & Nolan Enterprises to develop a prototype Automated Speaker Clustering System (ASCS) and accelerate the technology transfer process. The prototype ASCS will be extended beyond the experimental ASCS in several important ways. The prototype ASCS will incorporate diarization to support the automatic clustering of unsegmented multi-speaker audio. The prototype ASCS will incorporate feature and model robustness that will extend the system?s application beyond telephonic audio to other types of recordings of importance to the Navy. The prototype will have improved usability ? it will run faster, support the clustering of a larger number of speakers, and support the clustering of audio cuts of shorter length ? all with better accuracy. And finally, the prototype ASCS will be architected to be maintainable and extensible so that it can be evaluated under realistic deployment conditions and matured within the Phase II Option.