Long-lasting Disposable Insecticidal / Repellent Fabric Barrier for Personal or Area Protection Against Biting Arthropods

Period of Performance: 04/20/2015 - 09/19/2016


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Widder Brothers, Inc.
825 Third Avenue, 18th Floor Array
New York, NY 10022
Principal Investigator


We propose to build a commercially viable spatial repellency device that requires no outside energy for activation (fire, electricity or air flow). Currently, no other indoor or outdoor spatial device exists that meets these criteria and no other device offers prolonged protection without refilling or replacing the device. Our development work relied heavily on using proven production techniques to treat the PIK substrates enabling an easy transition to production-rate environment and the focus of the Phase II work involves optimizing release rates of the active ingredient and surface area of the PIK. Additional research has been conducted on PIK product design and packaging which would support our goal of a lightweight, disposable and easy to deploy device with low environmental fate risk and low to no dermal contact risk. This early development work on the PIK also lends itself to adoption for related products for both indoor and outdoor use including larger spatial devices for prolonged outdoor protection and personal devices such as treated patches or other personal items for use in vector-dense areas.