Situational Awareness as a Man-Machine Map Reduce Job

Period of Performance: 09/16/2015 - 03/16/2017


Phase 2 STTR

Recipient Firm

Decisive Analytics Corp.
1400 Crystal Drive Array
Arlington, VA 22202
Principal Investigator

Research Institution

University of Maryland
3112 Lee Building
College Park, MD 20742
Institution POC


This effort is focused on the development of a system called Situational Awareness via Mixed-initiative Universal Recognition, Analysis, and Inference (SAMURAI). SAMURAI will provide a single cloud-enabled end-to-end workflow covering the full range of data analysis from data ingest to situational assessment and decision support. As part of this workflow SAMURAI will provide the ability for automated processing to provide rapid extraction of knowledge while allowing manual corrections and additions at multiple levels. These manual changes will then be utilized to improve the underlying statistical models utilized within the automated processes. The SAMURAI system also provides fully automated semantic concept creation from unstructured text, as well allowing users to define and tailor their own semantic concepts. Moreover users can discover additional relevant information through concept-based search through an intuitive user interface.