Reconfigurable Conformal Imaging Sensor (RCIS)

Period of Performance: 11/10/2015 - 05/09/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Chemimage Biothreat LLC
7301 Penn Avenue Array
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
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Principal Investigator


A reconfigurable, small form factor, cost effective, infrared hyperspectral imaging system capable of operating in real-time is required for a broad array of missions to detect a variety of threats under dynamic operating conditions. The solution is the Reconfigurable Conformal Imaging Sensor (RCIS). RCIS is a high frame rate, multivariate hyperspectral imaging tool for use in dynamic threat environments. Based on target-agile sensor architecture, it will have revolutionary sensing capability to address the Warfighter?s key performance gaps. Real-time detection is facilitated through the use of the imaging spectrometer, known as a conformal filter (CF). A CF is a novel multivariate hyperspectral imaging methodology that uses elements of commercial-grade liquid crystal tunable filters, and also relies on validated manufacturing processes. Unlike an LCTF which is engineered to transmit one (1) optical passband at a time, the CF is designed to simultaneously transmit multiple optical passbands. The electro-optic selection of optical passbands is optimized for the discrimination of targets versus complex backgrounds. In operation, the CF mimics the performance of conventional hyperspectral imaging operation, which can involve hundreds of discrete measurements, and reduces it to two (2) measurements, thus increasing speed of detection and throughput.