Digital Direction Finding (DF) System for the Next Generation Submarine Electronic Warfare (EW)

Period of Performance: 08/20/2015 - 02/16/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Helios Remote Sensing Systems, Inc.
52 Geiger Road Suite 2
Rome, NY 13441
Firm POC
Principal Investigator


Helios Remote Sensing Systems, Inc. proposes to develop a new Submarine Imaging Mast Direction Finding (DF) capability for the Next Generation Submarine Electronic Warfare (EW) System. During Phase I, Helios will define and develop concepts for a submarine imaging mast DF capability. We will demonstrate the feasibility of the concept in meeting Navy needs and will establish that the concept can be developed into a useful product for the Navy. Feasibility will be established by analytical modeling. During Phase II, Helios will develop a DF prototype for evaluation. The prototype will be evaluated to determine its capability in meeting performance goals and Navy requirements for a Next Generation EW Digital DF for submarines. System performance will be demonstrated through prototype evaluation and modeling or analytical methods over the required range of parameters including numerous deployment cycles. Evaluation results will be used to refine the prototype into a design that will meet Navy requirements.