Phase-Cancelled, Broadband, Graphene-based Impedance Sensor

Period of Performance: 08/24/2015 - 01/01/1970


Phase 2 SBIR

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2154 Liberty Rd.
New Carlisle, OH 45344
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An innovative phase-cancelled radio frequency/microwave graphene-based impedance chemical gas sensor has been demonstrated in Phase I with the record high sub-ppb sensitivity of NH3 and DMMP in air. Our sensor shows excellent selectivity for sensing NH3 and DMMP in a complex environment, and is capable of in-situ multiplexed sensing. In Phase II, the sensor will be fully integrated on a 3? glass wafer with the potential transferring to flexible/wearable substrate, capable of self-recovery, allow continuous monitoring of threat changes in the environment. The sensor can be accessed wirelessly with a secured code anytime, anywhere with a high detection probability, low false alarm rate. The team includes 4 Ph.D.s and one M.S. with 100+ years combined technical expertise, as well as commercialization experts. Edgewood Chemical Biological Center will test our sensor against chemical agents of interest to the DoD. Phase II partners include potential customers who will help transition the sensor to targeted DoD platforms, including handheld devices and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Smiths Detection, a global leader in threat detection for the military, and AeroVironment, a world leader in producing UAS. Two experts with extensive IC (integrated circuit) experience will help transition our sensor to semiconductor industry.