Improving Wound Healing by Combating Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens Using Small Molecule Antimicrobials

Period of Performance: 09/30/2015 - 04/29/2016


Phase 1 SBIR

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Techulon has developed a platform based on peptide-peptide nucleic acids (PPNAs) molecules that are effective as antimicrobial compounds against multi-drug reisistant pathogens. Techulon?s targeted approach uses informatic algorithms applied towards an organism?s genome to identify targets that will disrupt essential biological functions. The proposed Phase I project will focus on developing a new generation of PPNA therapeutic materials based on Antimicrobial Protective (S/TAP) wound dressings. These tailored wound dressings will be composed of a layer of pathogen specific PPNA on a thin layer of highly permeable silicone film and will prevent the growth of bacteria and allow the body to naturally grow news cells at the wound site. Preliminary experiments have been performed in order to show the feasibility of our technical approach. Specifically, we have identified and characterized PPNA molecules as new antimicrobial therapeutics against ESKAPE group of pathogens. The commercial potential for the proposed product is favorable. The total wound management market is projected at $18.5b with antimicrobial dressings accounting for $2.68b. Techulon has experience with successfully commercializing technologies. A phased program to mature each component, integrate components into a working system, and fabricate representative PPNA for wound treatment evaluation is presented.