Diamond beam flux, timing and position monitors for synchrotron radiation facilities

Period of Performance: 04/06/2015 - 04/05/2017


Phase 2 SBIR

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Sydor Instruments, Llc
291 Millstead Way
Rochester, NY 14624
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The effectiveness of synchrotron radiation science has been hindered by the limited availability of advanced diagnostics. In many cases, the capability to produce photon fluxes has outpaced the ability to detect and measure the resultant photons. Synchrotron applications are becoming more demanding as beamlines are being designed with brighter sources, smaller focal spots, and wider energy ranges within a single beamline. A novel diamond-based transmission beam monitor has been shown to have unprecedented linear behavior combined with the ability to determine intensity, position and timing suitable to meet the user demand for increasingly high flux, small focus size, and beam stability. Products based on this novel concept will provide a valuable new tool to fully utilize the worlds brightest synchrotrons. Researchers at national laboratories have developed proof-of-principle monitors that demonstrated the core capability of the diamond-based monitors in terms of measuring beam flux and position. The proposed program builds upon these developments and takes a broader look at the needs of the Synchrotron radiation community in contrast to the current state of development. Phase I completed a commercial engineering study on the existing technology and determined that it is feasible to produce a suite of diamond detectors to meet current and future diagnostics needs. The Phase II effort completed the feasibility investigations and advanced some core manufacturing techniques to the point where basic commercial devices can be produced. Phase II also initiated investigations into advanced techniques that would enable higher performing and potentially more cost effective devices to meet more demanding x-ray beam monitoring applications. The current state of development falls short of meeting beam monitoring requirements for soft x-ray and ultra-high flux applications. Additional research into techniques for diamond thinning, metallization processes and materials, readout electronics and diamond characterization is required to fully realize the potential of this novel diamond-based monitoring technique. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits This program will provide commercial beam monitors with functionality not available today that being an xray beam monitor robust enough to accommodate the high x-ray beam fluxes from 3rd generation synchrotron beamlines, while also retaining the sensitivity to observe monochromatic beams on a per pulse basis. In addition, it will enable closed loop beam diagnostics to aid in the troubleshooting and optimization of current and future beamlines throughout Synchrotron radiation community.