Novel Position-Sensitive Particle Tracking Gas Detector

Period of Performance: 02/17/2015 - 11/16/2015


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Integrated Sensors, Llc
TOLEDO, OH 43606
Firm POC, Principal Investigator


Nuclear physics research has a need for improved radiation detectors, including both micropattern and conventional and rare isotope beam particle tracking detectors. Enhancements are needed in higher spatial and temporal resolution, faster timing, and improved particle detection/tracking at high rates. This proposal addresses these needs via development of a novel micropattern position-sensitive and particle tracking gas detector based on exploiting low cost plasma display panel technology. How Problem is being Addressed: A novel ultrathin, low mass, micropattern particle tracking gas detector is proposed that can operate in vacuum and offers the potential for high efficiency and high position and timing resolution at high rates with particle tracking capability and radiation hardness at low cost. The proposed detector takes advantage of a new class of radiation sensors known as plasma panel sensors (PPS) and is derived from the proven technologies used in producing plasma display panels (PDP) for TVs. The Phase-I program will entail materials development, device fabrication and feasibility demonstrations, and numerical simulations. What is to be done in Phase-I: The Phase-I program focuses on device fabrication and testing, along with modeling and simulations. Commercial Applications & Other Benefits: The commercial applications for the proposed new radiation detectors include nuclear medical imaging, proton-CT imaging, homeland security, nuclear accelerator beam and target diagnostics, and particle beam therapy for the treatment of cancer. Key Words: Particle detector, radiation sensor, radiation detector, micropattern detector, gaseous particle detector, plasma panel radiation detector, plasma panel sensor, PPS, active pixel beam monitor, ion beam detector, particle beam detector, particle tracking detector, position sensitive gas detector. Summary for Members of Congress: A new type of radiation detector is proposed for nuclear particle tracking with fast timing capability based on exploiting the technology used in making low cost, large area, plasma-TVs. Integrated Sensors, LLC is teamed on this project with the Physics Department at the University of Michigan, and the Physics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.