A Pintle-Free Divert and Attitude Control System

Period of Performance: 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Digital Solid State Propulsion LLC
5475 Louie Lane, Suite D
Reno, NV 89511
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ABSTRACT: Digital Solid State Propulsion is proposing to develop a Divert and Attitude Control System (DACS) for tactical air superiority missiles, using proprietary Electric Solid Propellants (ESPs). Unlike conventional propellants, ESPs can be ignited with electric power applied through inert electrodes within the propellant grain itself, while also maintaining a higher level of insensitivity. These unique capabilities allow for development of non-traditional thrusters and propulsion systems. Applying these unique characteristics, DSSP will aim to create a tactical DACS system that is far simpler and less costly than its current strategic interceptor counterparts. The task will begin with cooperation with Raytheon to develop a set of requirements a tactical DACS should meet. Multiple conceptual systems will be created and analyzed for performance and a trade study will examine their abilities to meet requirements. One conceptual system will be down selected for further development, including the fabrication and testing of a prototype subscale thruster. BENEFIT: Small diameter low cost DACS will benefit both tactical missiles for broadening the kill zone and reduce the complexity of MDA interceptors.