Allergens and Induced Asthma: Eradicating Indoor Allergens from Dust Mites (Phase

Period of Performance: 06/01/2015 - 05/31/2016


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Carbonix, LLC
Columbia, SC 29201
Principal Investigator


DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The mission of CarboNix LLC is the clinically effective abatement of common indoor allergens that cause allergic reactions and frequently induce asthma, especially in economically-disadvantaged children. CarboNix LLC proposes a Phase II SBIR research program that will result in commercialization of a new service business for abating multiple indoor allergens, killing dust mites, and preventing mite re-infestation in the home. Two specific aims are proposed at the pre-commercialization state. Specific Aim 1 is the computer modeling, design, and testing of a full-scale home service unit for allergen abatement. Specific Aim 2 is a twelve-month field test of the technology, comparing the allergen levels and dust mite levels in treated homes to non-treated homes. The dust mite is second only to pollen in causing allergies. Reactions range from itchy noses and eyes to severe and sometimes fatal asthma attacks. This is especially critical in children under age 13. This project could benefit an allergy sufferer, but is specifically aimed at minority and low-income children who are six times more likely to die from dust mite allergen-induced asthma. The American Lung Association estimates that 32.5 million Americans (approx. 11.2%) have been diagnosed with asthma, and 6.2 million of these are children between 5 and 17. It has been shown that most children with exacerbation of asthma have been exposed to high levels of indoor allergens, and that continuous exposure can result in readmission. The National Center for Health Statistics showed that the prevalence of asthma in minority (specifically African American and Puerto Rican) children is 40% higher than in white children. We will create a new service business, similar in operation and cost to carpet cleaning services, for families and their allergists; namel, removal of a broad spectrum of indoor allergens and eradication of dust mites from the home environment. Clinicians often employ a multiple-intervention strategy for allergy and asthma management. The new business will give practicing clinicians a new interventional tool, namely the safe and inexpensive cleaning of allergen-laden household items.