Self Regenerating Dust Masks for Punishing Military Operational Environments

Period of Performance: 09/25/2014 - 09/25/2015


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Lynntech, Inc.
Principal Investigator


Our combatants deployed in operational environments which have high airborne particulate matter (PM) levels are at serious risk of developing respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately no standardized PM protective equipment can currently be issued due to limitations for extended wear during sustained aerobic activity. Lynntech, Inc. proposes to develop lightweight PM filter half-facepiece dust masks which are compatible with combatant head and face gear, provide high airflow and resist clogging through the incorporation of a highly innovative no-power active self regeneration technology. Phase I has provided strong proof-of-concept for this novel high flow rate, efficient PM filtration and self regeneration technology. Phase II will further optimize the technology with a focus on prototyping lightweight ruggedized self regenerating PM filter half-facepiece dust masks suitable for utilization in punishing high PM operational environments even under sustained aerobic activity. Phase III will focus on commercialization of NIOSH N95 compliant, self regenerating, high airflow respirators suitable for DOD procurement for standard issue to our warfighters that serve in high PM environments. Lynntech s novel self regenerating respirators will significantly decrease adverse health risks while simultaneously increasing operational effectiveness of our warfighters to greatly improve mission success probabilities in high PM environments.