Robust, automatic design of highly efficient, variable precision filters

Period of Performance: 10/01/2014 - 04/30/2015


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

The Numericus Group, LLC
2525 Arapahoe Av, Ste E4-431
Boulder, CO 80302
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


ABSTRACT: The Numericus Group, LLC (TNG) is proposing a paradigm shift for digital filter design, opening a number of technological opportunities that TNG is uniquely qualified to pursue. At the heart of this new paradigm are algorithms that are guaranteed to converge and do not require an expert to oversee their operation, unlike many existing algorithms commonly used today. The new approach allows us to automatically design robust, highly efficient filters that achieve any target specifications within a user-supplied accuracy. The new algorithms will lead to new types of electronic devices that autonomously correct for temporal and spatial variations in their operating environment inherent, for example, in all communication channels. Importantly, it becomes practical to compensate for manufacturing variations of electronic devices significantly improving their performance. Moreover, these new algorithms are critical for hard" design problems, e.g. phase compensation filters. Rapid and reliable automatic design of these filters has widespread application since any analog hardware introduces frequency dependent phase perturbations that now can be efficiently corrected. TNG will pursue commercial products based both on software and hardware implementations of the new algorithms and anticipates a customer base spread across a variety of fields. BENEFIT: Results of Phase I of this project will lay the foundation for developing commercial products in Phase II that incorporate our new filter design algorithms. For Phase II, TNG has already identified a potential partner and will develop both software and hardware implementations for reliable automatic design of near-optimal filters. Since this method overcomes limitations of current filter design technology, it opens up a number of opportunities across many areas of interest to the Air Force.