Generic Power/Propulsion Microcontroller for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Period of Performance: 06/02/2014 - 03/09/2015


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

New Eagle Consulting LLC
358 Plymouth Rd, #272
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Principal Investigator

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ABSTRACT: There is a need in the market for an electronic control module suitable for UAS power/propulsion systems to be able to control advanced internal combustion (IC) engines, small turbine engines, and hybrid propulsion systems. In addition to the common hardware, a common software development platform would be very beneficial. To achieve these goals, New Eagle proposes a project which leverages the New Eagle Raptor platform - this is a controls software tool suite which allow the automated generation of Simulink controls models into embedded source code for target hardware. It also allows the rapid prototyping of control software onto production intent hardware. The first phase of the project will entail the development of the requirements for the general power/propulsion systems control hardware and a demonstration of a Raptor developed control system on a sample off the shelf controller. The second phase of the project will concern the design and development of controller hardware which meets the requirements developed under the first phase, the tailoring of Raptor to the developed hardware, and the further evolution of the control strategy and capabilities. BENEFIT: Anticipated Benefits The benefit of this project is a common control module and control system that can be used by multiple system providers. This forces differentiation to be made in the application only rather than in the multiple hardware designs and controls systems development - resulting in reduced procurement costs and simplified service support (one module for multiple applications in the field). Potential Commercial Applications New Eagle recognizes that there is a market opportunity to supply purpose designed controllers / control systems into the UAS market. New Eagle is already providing this service for the developmental market and customer feedback (XRDi and L3 CPS) from this has highlighted the need for better technology. New Eagle currently develops and then supplies controllers and peripheral electronics for applications similar to those intended to be covered under this project. These applications range from stationary combustion engines to turbine hybrid vehicle platforms.