Holographic Lightfield 3D Display Metrology (HL3DM)

Period of Performance: 08/06/2014 - 05/06/2015


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Rattan Software
9801 Metric Blvd. Ste. 300 Array
Austin, TX 78758
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ABSTRACT: In recent years, a number of technology companies have produced auto-stereoscopic 3D volumetric and light field displays and prototypes of varying capability. Qualifying their performance has been a subjective exercise as there is no common base for the determination of field of light displays (FoLD) metrology. The intent of this proposed program is to develop practical, affordable and repeatable evaluation procedures and a Light field Metrology Application (LMA) that will qualify any 3D light field display and produce results that can be used to evaluate FoLD metrology regardless of the FoLD implementation technology. As the purpose of the FoLD is to reconstruct the visualizations that occur in the natural world accurately within the display s projection volume, Rattan Software proposes to develop an increasingly refined series of virtual 3D test models that can be projected and then imaged by an array of cameras that surround the visualization volume. From the captured light field, performance characteristics will be derived and stored in 3D voxel database. As the voxel database can contain the results of many tests, reports can be generated against the voxel database to characterize the display performance as a whole. BENEFIT: The initial commercial aspect of the Light field Metrology Application may be limited due to the small number of available 3D light field displays and related FoLD development projects. Therefore, the commercialization of this effort will be accomplished by providing both software and services. The LMA will be available for licensing to both DoD and commercial entities with the Air Force Research Labs receiving their license under the development of the Phase II effort and according to SBIR guidelines. Rattan Software FoLD metrology services will include: LMA operation and training. Modification of the LMA to include custom features, reports or capabilities. Customization of the photogrammetric reconstruction camera array to allow for novel FoLD architectures. In addition to FoLD metrology services, the photogrammetric reconstruction will be extended to allow for commercial scanning opportunities in support of 3D printing and imaging.