Submersible GPS Enhancement and Playback System

Period of Performance: 01/24/2014 - 07/24/2015


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Navsys Corp.
14960 Woodcarver Road Array
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Principal Investigator


Under the Phase I SBIR effort, we designed a Submersible GPS Enhancement and Playback System (SGEPS) to allow processing of the GPS signals after a submarine has submerged to reduce the time spent on surface for covert operations. This uses a Digital Storage Receiver (DSR) for capturing the GPS RF signals in the surface and a SAASM GPS receiver for the signal playback and processing after the submarine has submerged. The SGEPS data playback is designed to exploit both the anti-jam/anti-spoof signal processing capabilities of the SAASM receiver, combined with innovative anti-jam algorithms to detect and excise interfering signals to enhance the performance of the SGEP processing in a jammed environment. In the Phase II SBIR base effort, we propose designing, building, and testing a prototype SGEPS DSR system to demonstrate the reduced surface exposure and anti-jam performance of the system. In the Phase II option, we will integrate into the SGEPS processor anti-jam algorithms and demonstrate the ability to track GPS signals in a high jamming environment using these innovative anti-jam algorithms to excise the jammer signals and inertial aiding for ultra-tightly-coupled processing of the SAASM raw correlation output data to enhance signal detection in a high jamming environment.