Advanced Space Antenna for GPS

Period of Performance: 04/30/2014 - 01/30/2015


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

First RF Corp.
5340 Airport Blvd. Array
Boulder, CO 80301
Principal Investigator


The government has a current requirement to develop antenna systems which enable significantly increased GPS signal levels at specified pointing angles within the terrestrial footprint covered by a GPS satellite. Current and past GPS antennas are designed to provide a nearly constant flux density across the complete footprint provided by the antenna. These antennas are fixed beam antenna systems which provide no ability to control pattern shape, hence no ability to increase signal levels in a particular direction. However the GPS signal reception can be compromised by weak signal levels due to terrain blockage, active spoofing, active jamming, interference, etc. In order to provide higher signal levels on earth, GPS antenna architectures must be developed which provide steering capability with increased gain levels.