Triaxial Accelerometer with Low Offset and Noise (TALON)

Period of Performance: 06/01/2014 - 03/01/2015


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Archangel Systems, Inc.
1635 Pumphrey Ave.
Auburn, AL 36832
Principal Investigator


Archangel Systems, Inc. proposes a feasibility study coined Triaxial Accelerometer with Low Offset and Noise (TALON) to meet the accelerometer needs for DoD s next-generation IMUs in agile missile programs. DoD targets for IMU size, weight and power (SWAP) budgets are aggressive. To meet these requirements, TALON leverages prior Archangel work for DARPA s NGIMG project. Specifically, the MEMS and support electronics from that project are the baseline TALON system. In TALON, Archangel will implement a novel noise reduction strategy we have coined Quadrature Phase Locking (QPL). QPL is a feedback loop that will isolate and eliminate the majority of electrically-generated noise in the current hardware. Based on experiments to date, a 10X enhancement is anticipated. With respect to the NGMARS baseline, QPL requires a new digital controller (implemented in the incumbent FPGA) and a slight hardware modification. In addition to noise reduction, QPL will also eliminate the most egregious thermal sensitivity issues. This will greatly simplify the thermal calibration procedures in production and harden TALON against the high thermal rates seen in missile launches. Technology transition and supply strategies are also examined. A roster of candidate MEMS foundries exists with down-select in Phase 2. The final electronics will be COTS to avoid the costs and delays associated with ASIC design cycles. A COTS approach also aligns with standard contract manufacturer approaches for PCB production, test and Bill of Material management.