Blast Booth Noise Reduction - An OSHA Compliance Issue

Period of Performance: 01/21/2014 - 10/20/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

F3 Solutions
150 Osigian Blvd, Suite 40
Warner Robins, GA 31088
Principal Investigator


ABSTRACT: ABSTRACT F3 Solutions (F3) is a woman owned small business with key personnel, with over a combined 50 years of experience specific to Air Force Environmental Engineering, and has experience providing research and development support to satisfy the overall objectives for blast booth noise reduction - OSHA compliance issue. F3 proposes an innovative approach to reduce employee exposure to hazardous noise during Blast Cleaning Room (BCR) and Blast Cabinets (BC) abrasive media blasting operations to or below OSHA 8-Hour Time Weighted Average without increasing ergonomic stress. Summarized objectives include: 1. Quantify noise sources and paths for workers in BCRs and using BCs. a. BCRs - resolve and quantify noise sources to nozzle, flow-impingement, radiation, and air-supply (inside helmet) sources. b. BCs - resolve and quantify noise sources related to transmission through cabinet walls, viewing windows, seals, and support equipment external to the BC. 2. Identify existing technologies available for BCRs, BCs, and personal protective equipment specialized to blast cleaning processes 3. Evaluate feasibility of nozzle design changes to reduce flow noise a. Air-shrouded nozzle b. Multiple smaller diameter nozzles 4. Evaluate feasibility of design changes to BCs for improved noise isolation 5. Evaluate technical feasibility of unmanned abrasive blast cleaning operations BENEFIT: This innovative approach dedicated to blast booth noise reduction will provide non-routine research and development to positively impact occupational health and safety of personnel throughout the Air Force and DoD. Noise protection is also an OSHA compliance issue and will benefit compliance with Federal laws and regulatory requirements. The solution will become property of the Government and will leverage the investment for research and development.