StABL-SD for Improved Burn Casualty Stabilization and Transport

Period of Performance: 01/28/2014 - 08/28/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Lynntech, Inc.
Principal Investigator


Our warfighters are at great risk of large area burn wounds inflicted by incendiary devices during combat operations. These casualties display high fatality incidences as the wounds are highly prone to infection, further deterioration and shock during transport to higher echelon levels of military medical care. Lynntech proposes to develop a device, termed StABL-SD, sized to fit in the IFAK, to rapidly and reagentlessly sterilize and simultaneously encase the wound within a thin film dressing. This dressing will provide prophylaxis against infectious pathogens, controlled oxygen and vapor transport, and active support for proliferative wound healing. The device can be utilized by minimally trained personnel in the theater of battle to stabilize the casualty immediately after wounding for safer, non-deteriorative and more comfortable transport encased in the protective film dressing. Phase I will provide proof-of-concept for our approach. Phase II will focus on fabrication of functional prototype StABL-SD devices and in vivo demonstration of utility. StABL-SD is of direct relevance to the DOD mission of ensuring survivability and comfort during transport of burn casualties stateside while also improving eventual treatment outcomes. Commercial deployment of StABL-SD will enable improved civilian burn casualty stabilization for successful and survivable transport to burn units.