Urban Computer Generated Forces (CGF) Models

Period of Performance: 07/17/2013 - 01/17/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Dignitas Technologies, LLC
3504 Lake Lynda Drive Suite 390
Orlando, FL 32817
Principal Investigator


Dignitas Technologies’ Phase I approach will use our 20 years of CGF experience to identify a OneSAF system solution for accurate urban models. We will perform system engineering analysis of alternatives where necessary to provide a compliant system design that integrates key population modeling technology. Our analysis will identify the mechanism for pedestrian and vehicular modeling. We will leverage research in blending crowd approaches with continuous flow modeling, geographic cell local laws, and agents. We will provide a multi-resolution framework that is OneSAF compliant for a seamless urban population model approach. We will also leverage our existing applied research in integrating valid traffic models into OneSAF. We will establish performance criteria that helps guide a configurable cultural representation for urban populations. Our approach will demonstrate how fidelity will be increased in order to have meaningful interactions with other models. We will focus on validity of the approach for representation balanced with resource utilization. Our final report will provide our feasibility assessment and show capacity and scalability of the approach. Phase I will result in a definition that will be used to propose the specific thread for Phase II.