MAGIC (TM) Filter Anti-Jamming Capability for RT-1944/U Radio

Period of Performance: 06/14/2013 - 12/14/2013


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Adaptive Dynamics, Inc.
15373 Inovation Drive, Suite#15
San Diego, CA 92128
Principal Investigator


Adaptive Dynamics, Inc. (ADI) has developed the MAGIC(TM) (Multiple Adaptive Generalized Interference Cancellation) Filter, a revolutionary interference mitigation technology that offers these specific advantages: * It has demonstrated successful mitigation of multiple interference types (continuous wave (CW), swept tone, random FM, frequency hopped, etc.) to J/S levels typically exceeding 30dB in narrowband applications, and 60 dB in wideband applications. * The core algorithm is very well developed, and is currently being applied to both narrowband (5/25 KHz UHF MILSATCOM) and wideband (GPS, MUOS WCDMA, L-band FHSS) signals. * It is entirely a digital signal processing solution intended to function with a single antenna. * Its computing requirements are readily achieved with commodity COTS components suitable for the SWaP constraints defined for the MVCS. * It can be readily deployed as a low-cost retrofit applique between the antenna and the radio, by adapting an Anti-Jam filter module developed for similar requirements (currently at TRL 6+). In the proposed effort, ADI will perform detailed physical layer simulations and hardware tests to support the design and implementation of the MAGIC (TM) Filter for protecting the Harris SeaLancet(TM) RT-1944/U radio as a retrofit applique. The Phase I project will conclude with a live demonstration using a COTS hardware Wi-Fi testbed.