High Energy/capacity Cathode Materials for Li-ion Batteries

Period of Performance: 07/09/2013 - 07/27/2015


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Aegis Technology
12620 F Westminster Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92706
Principal Investigator


To realize the full potential of Li-ion batteries, the development of more advanced cathode materials are highly desirable, which is critical to enable high-energy-density Li-ion batteries to meet silent watch or other demanding requirements of military vehicles. In this project, Aegis Technology Inc. proposes to develop a novel class of cathode based on layered-spinel lithium-manganese-nickel-oxide (LS-LMNO) nanomaterials that is combined with novel doping and surface coating. This class of cathode material is expected to provide significantly enhanced energy density (> 850 Wh/kg vs. 500-600Wh/kg of commercial products), excellent rate capability, and long service/cycle life, which will help to increase technical vehicle silent watch time by 15% or more. In addition, a cost-effective, scalable processing method will also be established to enable the potential mass production with commercial viability. In the accomplished Phase I, technical feasibility of the proposed cathode has been demonstrated successfully with high specific capacity (>250 mAh/g) and promising rate capability and cycling performance. In Phase II, further optimization on material composition and processing will be conducted. Using the developed cathode along with suitable electrolyte and anode material that enable the implementation of this cathode material, Li-ion cell prototypes (e.g., punch cell and 18650/26650 type) and the sub-scale battery packs will be fabricated and tested (>1000 cycles) in order to demonstrate the benefits of the developed cathode at the system level. In addition, preliminary processing scale-up and cost analysis will be conducted, which will pave the way for subsequent commercialization of the developed cathode materials and the resultant Li-ion batteries. As a potentially targeted application, a 6T battery (24V, 100 Ah) based on the high-performance Li-ion cells developed will be designed and demonstrated.