High-Intensity Compact EUV-X-ray Generators Base on Metastable Innershell Molecular State

Period of Performance: 06/12/2013 - 01/11/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Y.K. Bae Corporation
218 W. Main St., Suite 102
Tustin, CA 92780
Principal Investigator


Currently, there is a great interest in generating intense EUV-x-ray beams in military and commercial sectors, because their applications are anticipated to be potentially crucial to maintaining the global leadership of the US military and industry. Specific military applications of such intense EUV-x-ray beams include countering a wide range of WMDs. The chief barrier to realizing these applications is that the generation of EUV-x-ray beams with traditional technologies is highly energy inefficient, costly, bulky and technologically challenging. We propose to demonstrate the feasibility of developing highly energy-efficient super-intense compact EUV-x-ray generators that can overcome the barrier, thus can be mass produced and commercialized. The technological basis of the proposed generators is on the newly discovered quantum state, Metastable Innershell Molecular State (MIMS) in Warm Dense Matter (WDM). WDM is a class of stellar matters with low electron temperatures, which can permit abundant quantum mechanical states, such as MIMS that has excitation energy orders of magnitude larger than that of common chemical quantum states. In addition to technological feasibility demonstration, during Phase I, we plan to perform market studies, to establish their potential customers, and to start contacting private investors for acquiring matching fund for expanding Phase II into Phase III.