Microsat Cryocooler System

Period of Performance: 05/29/2013 - 05/29/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Iris Technology Corporation
P.O. Box 5838
Irvine, CA 92616
Principal Investigator


ABSTRACT: The vision of the Microsat Cryocooler System (MCS) Program is to provide the key mechanical and electrical technology building blocks that will enable a suite of solutions for single FPA dewars on microsat and cubesat platforms. As indicated in SBIR Topic AF131-093, the range of missions of interest is broad. Therefore, it is essential that the proposed approach yield solutions that are modular and configurable. Iris Technology will employ advanced component technologies and new electronic architectures to develop a miniature (nominally 50W) version of our highly successful Low Cost Cryocooler Electronics (LCCE). As with LCCE, the developed mini-LCCE will support a wide range of mechanical cryocooler solutions, making it the ideal solution to meet the Air Force s wide range of intended cubesat and microsat missions and orbits. BENEFIT: The mini-LCCE developed on this Program will address the key technology component that must be developed to enable the objective small cryocooler systems for microsats and cubesats, namely the cryocooler electronics. The radiation hard, miniature low cost cryocooler electronics will be compatible with a wide range of tactical and space cryocoolers. It will be pairable with tactical coolers to provide a low cost Microsat Cryocooler System (MCS) solution for severely cost-constrained payloads. For more demanding, long life (7+ year) missions, the mini-LCCE will be paired with miniature pulse tube coolers, or possibly other small space coolers, from a proven space cryocooler prime contractor provider. Iris's long term objectives are to develop and prove a set of cryocooler electronics that supports the entire microsat mission space of interest and to ultimately provide complete cryocooler systems based upon those electronics.