Arete Active Downrange Crosswind Sensor for Small Arms Fire Control

Period of Performance: 05/21/2013 - 11/21/2013


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Areté Associates
9301 CORBIN AVE Suite 2000
Northridge, CA 91324
Principal Investigator


Arete Associates proposes to develop a stand-alone active crosswind sensor operating at the eye safe wavelength of 1.5 microns. The sensor is based on a novel design using a single beam, and a single-channel under-resolved receiver. The error on the crosswind measurement will be less than 1.5 m/s for winds from 0 to 20 m/s, up to a range of 1.5 km. The sensor system will meet the objective SWaP requirements listed in the solicitation, which will make it suitable for day/night one-man operation.