QuickSAT-ARLX, A Satellite Hypervisor Environment

Period of Performance: 05/06/2013 - 02/07/2014


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

DornerWorks, Ltd.
3445 Lake Eastbrook SE Array
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Principal Investigator


Dornerworks is seeking to develop as part of this SBIR project the QuickSAT-ARLX Space Hypervisor, a space qualified hypervisor that will support the virtualization of satellite payloads, systems and software modules on a full range of satellites including CubeSATs and MicroSATs to large satellites and launch vehicles. ARLX is an extended version of the open source Xen hypervisor utilizing robust automation tools to test and validate the security and related safety of this environment. Our extensions implement the ARINC 653 partitioning standard, isolating applications running on the same platform and providing high levels of certified safety and security. QuickSAT with the open source stepSATdb data architecture is a satellite design, mission planning, and product lifecycle management framework and environment. It is currently in use on the University NanoSat and Eagle Programs and at NASA research centers. For the Phase I research effort we will begin integrating QuickSAT and ARLX to create a space qualified hypervisor with integrated virtual payload definition tools, modeling tool event scheduler. In addition feasibility demonstrations with supporting reports will be developed to show not only the viability of the system, but also project costs, issues and a path towards implementation.