15 kV Phase Leg Modules with SiC Monolithically Integrated JBS Rectifier with Super Junction Transistor (MIDSJT) Devices

Period of Performance: 01/01/2012 - 12/31/2012


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Genesic Semiconductor, Inc.
43670 Trade Center Place Suite 155
Dulles, VA 20166
Principal Investigator
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This project will create a new category of advanced power modules for use in power electronics for energy storage in the medium-voltage range and & gt; 100 kW ratings. A design showing a significant increase in circuit efficiency, cost reduction, an increase in power density, and a reduction in thermal management requirements over the existing Silicon power modules will eliminate significant waste of electric energy in large power converters, resulting in huge energy savings for the United States. At the end of Phase II of this proposed SBIR program, Single Phase Leg Modules will be constructed using monolithic SiC MIDSJT devices operating at 15 kV and 50 A. These power modules will deliver unprecedented improvements in efficiency, and thermal management requirements to the electrical storage and electricity delivery infrastructure of the United States. During Phase I, the focus will be on developing the device design and processing for demonstrating 6 kV and 10 A-rated SiC MIDSJT devices. The goal at the end of Phase I is to optimize the device design and fabrication process suite for fabricating optimized high-voltage, monolithic SiC MIDSJT devices, ready for integration into Phase Leg Modules during Phase II of this program. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits The 15 kV SiC MIDSJT power modules to be developed in this program will drastically improve the performance and decrease the size/weight/footprint of 12.47 kV energy storage grid-tied inverters, FACTS-based devices and power system switchgear. Industrial applications such as electrostatic precipitators, oscilloscopes and oil drilling are also expected to benefit tremendously from the development of these devices. This in turn will increase market acceptance of these high-end products and thereby drive skilled-labor jobs creation in the US.