Laser Plasma Manufacturing of Oriented Carbon Nanotubes and Nanowires

Period of Performance: 11/08/2006 - 11/08/2008


Phase 2 STTR

Recipient Firm

Mound Laser & Photonics Center, Inc.
2941 College Drive
Kettering, OH 45420
Principal Investigator

Research Institution

University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469
Institution POC


MLPC and the University of Dayton will exploit a novel laser ablation technique, Through Thin Film Ablation (TTFA), to develop a controlled growth process for single wall nanotubes (SWNT). TTFA will allow formation of smaller catalyst particles and more precise control of the states of reactant species than conventional pulsed laser ablation techniques. Specialized plasma diagnostics will permit monitoring of the ablation plume dynamics while precision timed, post-ablation laser pulses will be used to heat the plume and control catalyst particle evolution to optimize conditions for SWNT growth. Success in the manipulation of local SWNT growth conditions may allow control of SWNT chirality and thus electronic properties. Methods for commercial implementation of the program results, including designs for a continuous manufacturing process and Direct Write techniques for patterned deposition of SWNTs on surfaces will be explored.