Analytical Tools for Local Economic Analysis

Period of Performance: 08/30/2012 - 08/30/2014


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Altusys Corp.
P O Box 1274
Princeton, NJ 08542
Principal Investigator


Junior infantry need usable tools and methods for collecting and interpreting significant information about the local economic environment through observation and questioning, and for developing daily tactical courses of action based on those interpretations. Altusys will lead a multidisciplinary team of software engineers, user researchers, experts in economic analysis, modeling, and development, and experts in human data collection in dynamic areas to develop a tool that facilitates informed engagement within local environments in conflict areas, enabling the collection of high quality local information, the extraction of valuable insights, and enhanced decision-making in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency situations. These techniques provide methods and tools for turning routine local observations and interactions into insights and action, even in areas where information is not readily accessible. The proposed methodology developed in Phase 1 lays the foundation for research and development of technology methods, standards, and tools to support seamless implementation of the methodology by junior infantry. The tool will enable junior tactical operators across forces and units to collect, analyze, view, and share data, supporting intelligence coordination and situation-aware decision-making and mission command.