Acoustic Array Simulation Environment System

Period of Performance: 08/27/2012 - 02/25/2013


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Softronics Limited
1080 East Post Road, Suite 1
Marion, IA 52302
Principal Investigator


ASW training requires an accurate simulation of both sonobuoy data content and geolocation in order to maintain peak crew proficiency. Unfortunately, existing systems can generate and emit the necessary field of 64 sonobuoy signal simulations, but without the geographic dispersion of a real sonobuoy pattern (which is an unaffordable training option and unrealistic/uncontrolled simulation scenario). Thus the crew cannot train with the direction finding and geolocation features of the ASW system. Given the physical impossibility of spoofing a TDOA DF system, Softronics instead proposes a system based on the existing SASSIE/RFSonosim sonobuoy simulators that remotes the RF transmitter portion of the RFSonosim via datalink. This breaks up the 64 simulated sonobuoy emissions emanating from a single location; any mix of single site and deployable land/sea nodes can be used, and dispersed as desired to provide ASW crews a realistic sonobuoy pattern training event. The RF nodes are small, reusable, low-cost, buoy-packaged, and fully remotely operated, with all of the sensitive acoustic scenario generation system safe on shore.