Integrated System for Management of Cable Aging in Support of Long Life Operation of Nuclear Power Plants

Period of Performance: 01/01/2011 - 12/31/2011


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Analysis And Measurement Services Corporation
9119 Cross Park Drive
Knoxville, TN 37923
Principal Investigator
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As the existing fleet of US nuclear power plants pass midlife, the aging condition of safety related systems, structures, and components (SSCs) becomes increasingly important. Electrical cables, including those used for instrumentation and control, are vital for safety related systems and problems related to these cables are often difficult to diagnose. The health of these cables and the reliability of their signal transmissions are affected by the aging condition of cable insulation, jacket material, conductors, and connectors. Thus, the ability to detect the location of cable degradation is an important part of preventing cable related system failures. Fortunately, most if not all cable degradation can be detected prior to failure through baseline cable condition measurements and follow-on testing. As such, the objective of this Phase II project is to conduct a research and development effort to design, develop, validate, and implement an integrated cable condition monitoring system for nuclear power reactors. Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation (AMS) successfully completed the Phase I portion of this research project by establishing the feasibility of integrating advanced cable diagnostic capabilities into a single portable cable maintenance test package. This conceptual design developed in Phase I will be brought to life in Phase II by developing a fully functional prototype system and demonstrating it in the two U.S. nuclear power plants which have already agreed to be the test beds for this research project. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits: The final commercialization of this research effort will result in successfully addressing a concern that will improve plant operations, improve plant safety and reliability, and ultimately result in lower operating costs. AMS has received wide support from the many nuclear power plants that were included in a recent nuclear industry survey conducted by AMS which has given us confidence in the ultimate commercial success of the end product of this research.