Development of Advanced Military Prosthetic Shoulder System

Period of Performance: 08/21/2006 - 01/18/2008


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Sarcos Research Corp.
360 Wakara Way
Salt lake City, UT 84108
Principal Investigator


Sarcos Research Corporation proposes to develop a high performance, ActiveShoulderTM military prosthetic system that will enable integration of upper extremity prostheses for performing, to the maximum extent possible, the basic functions of a natural arm. ActiveShoulderTM will be designed for an anatomical range of motions and physiological loads, permitting functional performance exceeding that of presently available devices. The prosthesis will be designed for gleno-humeral level (shoulder disarticulation) amputees and will enable a high level of physical activity and control. The system will consist of inter-compatible modules designed for attachment to the body and for achieving amputee-controlled motions of the humerus with required performance in terms of strength, speed, range of motion, endurance, fit and maneuverability as well as aesthetic appearance and grace of movements. Phase 2 will focus on final system design, prototyping, development of tooling, fabrication of test devices, laboratory and clinical testing. The program will end with regulatory approval of the new, commercialization-ready, modular prosthetic shoulder system.